short stories

Who try never fails…..

In our life, we all are on the way to destiny. During this process, people get to succeed or sometimes fails, but when fail some loses their hope and give up but always remember to try and fail but don’t fail to try.
Let me support this with a short story.
There was a farmer who’s donkey fell down into the well. Donkey cried for an….

hour and hour but farmer didn’t figure out what to do and then he decided the donkey was too old and well needed to be covered very soon anyway so he called all of his neighbours to help him. They all grabbed a shovel and begin dirt into the well then donkey realised what was happening he cried loudly and quite after some time.

The farmer looked down the well and was amazed
at what he saw with every shovel of dirt fell on donkey’s back he would shake it off and take a step up and at the end, donkey’s stepped up over the edge 9f the well and trotted off!!😃
We should always try and try hard never give up in any situation…

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