Self control

The first step towards step control is about understanding the term self control. Self control is "CONTROL OVER YOUR FEELINGS AND ACTIONS" The problem people find with self control is to mix it up with the term moderation. Improving self control isn't the same as stopping yourself for done something completely, but rather the ability… Continue reading Self control


Think and grow rich

● Thoughts are things Whatever our mind recieve and believe he/she is capable of bringing into reality. Think positive ● Desire The starting of all achievement is desire. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear to failure. ● Desicion Successful people have the habit of reaching decision quickly… Continue reading Think and grow rich


Being healthy

Being healthy isn't only about the gym, the run, fitness and more..Being healthy isn't about the certain type of figure..Being healthy isn't only about your green intakes, fruits intake, organic intake or exercise..Being healthy isn't, no sugar ever, no junk food ever and more..." BEING HEALTHY IS TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF IN ALL ASPECTS OF… Continue reading Being healthy