short stories

Always look for the solution….

Once there was a man who was driving a car and the time he passes through a bridge his car’s tyre burst, he
comes out of his car and said oh god, now i have to change the tyre in this hot weather, he take out the tyre and then open the screws of burst tyre all of sudden all screws fell down in the river, he was so upset and his mind stop working, at that moment a farmer was passing from there and asked what happened can i help you, men said you can’t help me but still i tell you, he tells him the whole story, farmer smiles and said there is a garage around 2 km and you can get everything there that you need and for tyre you can use one screw of three of your tyres. Men smiles and said why this ideas not comes in my mind.

Always look for the solution rather than indulge in a problem.

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