life lessons

Choose to respond…..

Once, there were two friends (riya and priya) talking about their life, riya was so distress with difficulties of her life, so priya decide to teach her something, she placed an egg, a potato and some tea leaves in three different pots with hot boiling water. She asked riya to keep on her eyes on the pot for ten minutes. Once these ten minutes were over, she asked riya to peel the potato, peel an egg and strain the tea leaves, riya get confused, Priya explained ,’ Each of these items was but in the same circumtances of being in a pot of boiling water. See how they have responded differently, the potato is soft, the egg is now hard and tea has changed the water itself. We are all like these items. When adversity calls we respond in excatly the way they have. Now are you a potato, egg or tea leaves’?


We can choose how to respond to a difficult situationšŸ˜Ž

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