Self control

The first step towards step control is about understanding the term self control. Self control is “CONTROL OVER YOUR FEELINGS AND ACTIONS”

The problem people find with self control is to mix it up with the term moderation. Improving self control isn’t the same as stopping yourself for done something completely, but rather the ability to find a healthy solution or balance.


Instead of eating junk food everyday, you might work towards only eating one once a week.ğŸ˜Ž

Some more tips for self control:

• Find the one thing on what you are trying to control.

• find the motivation behind your harmful actions.

• Set a plan to change habit.

• Create recovery goal.

For instance

Try to limit your use of social media three times a day. Once you achieve your goal then set another one .

“Self control can be quickly improved if you acknowledge the successes you make with little reward”


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